I should have never come back!


I had quite an interesting professional experience with Tavistock Tutors residential tutoring program, accompanying a family who were moving out to New York and helping their 13-year-old daughter with common entrance and wider learning during a three-month hiatus when she did not attend school. This meant that I, in fact, ended up providing her with all her schooling; we didn’t do such gruelling hours (lest we murdered each other!), but worked hard for four to five hours every day, covering English, Maths, History and French, amongst other activities.


Sometimes we would have the freedom to go to museums or historical points of interest around the city: all in all, we ended up having a lot of fun together.


When it came to the end of the placement, I was sad to go, but very pleased to find out several months later that the girl’s 13+ exam went very well and that she had gained entrance into her top school of choice.


New York now has a very special place in my heart; I hope that I’ll someday have the chance to live in such a wonderful home in the centre of Manhattan!

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