The beautiful thing about being able to teach is that you can do it anywhere! The isolated North Uist Island is no exception. This beautiful Scottish island in the Hebrides provides a stunning back drop in which to teach English and Maths to two twins – both aged 16.

Each day comprises of 5 hours of tuition – 9am – 2pm. One of the twins is resitting her Maths Foundation GCSE, so we are covering a wide range of algebra, sequences, problem solving, data sets, and shapes. The other is resitting his English GCSE, so we are exploring analytical writing (writing about reading), persuasive/argumentative writing, creative writing, figures of rhetoric, and stylistic features of writing. On top of this, I am communicating the importance of metacognition in learning. This always has fantastic results; understanding how your brain works (memory, processing, problem solving, perception) fosters increased aptitude in learning.

Scottish Placement

Scottish Placement

Once tuition is over, I have the rest of the day to myself. My students, of course, are completing the work we covered that morning, embedding vital skills, and building on effective teaching episodes. The following day’s tuition includes a review of the skills we are covering, providing continuity, and feedback in the learning process. As they have upcoming exams, I am ensuring that each skillset is achievable independently.

I am staying in one of the family’s hotels and have kindly been given a car. This has enabled me to go on adventures every day: I’ve explored almost every nook and cranny on the island; I’ve ventured up mountainous peaks and absorbed illuminating views; I’ve walked along sandy beaches with the seals, storks, and otters; I’ve been through the forests and found stagnant bogs; sat reading by lochs with does and stags rutting audibly nearby; I’ve even been chased by an angry cow!

Scottland Placement

Passing Place Scotland

On a personal level, the best bit about tutoring on placement is the amount of time I have been able to devote to reading, and writing…

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