I had an absolutely amazing time during my three-month stay in Hong Kong. I was tasked with improving two brothers’ English in order to help them get into top private schools in the UK: one was twelve, so I was teaching him Common Entrance, and the other was nine, so I was assisting him with specific exam requirements of the different schools to which he was applying.


I lived in with the family and even accompanied them on a few weekends that they spent in Beijing and Sydney; it was an amazing experience. For me, the best thing about these residential opportunities, despite being able to see the world (of course!), is the fact that time, for once, is entirely on your side. It alleviates the pressure of cramming everything into one hour and allows you to really get to know the child: the way they learn, what works best for them, etc.


It’s also great being able to work in such close proximity with the parents, who are incredibly keen to be on top of their children’s academic progress. Suffice is to say that the time we spent working eventually paid off: both boys got into their first choice school and the family has happily made the transition to London. I’m incredibly proud of this as an achievement and couldn’t recommend the experience more to any prospective tutors!


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