Subjects I teach


My Experience

I’ve been helping students with scary exams and assessments for years, and I’m delighted to report many success stories of getting into the most competitive schools in the UK, including Westminster, Colet Court, Wetherby Prep, Highgate, Haileybury, Sevenoaks, and many other schools.  Because of my experience with Common Entrance success at 7+, 8+, 11+ and 13+, as well as GCSE and A Level, I have a backlog of past papers and my own resources on which I’ve already seen students thrive and learn.  I’ve also been delighted with students who’ve defied their predicted grades and gone up a grade or two at GCSE and A Level, and have gone onto prestigious universities including the University of Cambridge and the Royal College of Music in London.

In terms of classroom teaching, I’ve also run an 11+ reasoning after school club in Notting Hill, an RS GCSE revision club in Westminster, and work regularly across the country as a workshop facilitator with the GREAT Men Value Women project.

My Qualifications

I studied Theology and Religious studies for three years at the University of Cambridge (Trinity Hall, 2009-2012), and will soon have an MA (Cantab.)  I also have A Levels (and AS Levels) in Religious Studies, French, Music, Critical Thinking and Theatre Studies, in which I achieved A* grades (although the A* grade didn’t yet exist in 2008).

My Approach to Private Tuition

One of the reasons I think students benefit so much from short-term residential placements is because outside of lesson times, we eat together, play computer games, go to the beach or walk around town; every student I’ve tutored in this way really benefitted from that kind of relaxed, fun learning environment.  On these kinds of placements, especially if it’s over the course of a month or more, I aspire to be a mentor as well as a tutor.  When I was living with a lovely family of four children in Grenoble (France), I initially went to teach English but ended up teaching piano as well and even performing magic tricks at a birthday party!

In general, I’ve found that students don’t tend to learn when they’re criticised, but the things you praise them for they remember forever.  As a tutor, my primary concern is to foster an environment where students feel valued.  And more than that: I try to get all of my students to develop a growth mindset, which values effort above everything, even above attainment.  Many students approach learning with a fixed mindset (“you’re either bad at it or you’re good at it”), with a focus on test scores and grades, and this has been shown to actually result in lower rates of improvement and lower grades.  If you celebrate struggle and effort, you celebrate learning, and this is why all the top students conceive of themselves as growing learners, not fixed achievers.  This idea is widespread among OFSTED ‘outstanding’ rated schools, where I’ve been fortunate enough to gain experience as a teaching assistant, and the RSA YouTube video “How To Help Every Child Fulfil Their Potential” is also very persuasive.

My video Introduction

Client Feedback

“Jeff is definitely one of a very select few. There aren’t many tutors who teach in such an exciting and inspiring way.” Parent of 8+ student who was accepted into their first choice school, Wetherby Prep

“L was accepted into Westminster Senior!  Thank you again, Jeff!” Parent of 13+ student who was accepted into their first choice school, Westminster Senior

“Our son excelled with Jeff’s thorough preparation.  We highly recommend him and remain very grateful for his support.”  Parent of 13+ student who was accepted into their first choice school, Highgate

“Jeff is one of the best tutors we have ever come across.  We would not hesitate to recommend him.” Parent of GCSE English student who went up a grade and got into his first choice sixth form

“Jeff is very well prepared, dedicated and has made our lessons both interesting and enjoyable!” Homeschooled RS A Level student

“Jeff did a great deal of preparation and conducted a thoughtful and professional interview.  M was very happy!” Guardian of student who won a place to study at the University of Cambridge following a course of practice interviews

“I cannot recommend Jeff highly enough. He has completely inspired M and her piano has dramatically improved.” Parent of piano student

Fun fact

A fun fact about me is that like my Dad, I’m a Magic Circle magician!