Although I had been to Russia and the Ukraine many times in the past, I had never actually been to Kiev for some reason, so suffice is to say that I leapt at the opportunity when Tavistock called me up with this particular job.


I was charged with the task of helping a thirteen-year-old girl with her English with a view to her applying for a top Private School in the UK later that year, when her parents were planning on moving to Surrey.


Upon arriving, I remember that her level of English was very low and thinking that we would have a mountain to climb: but climb and climb we did- each day, she absorbed each new lesson like a sponge and, after about six months, she had accomplished real mastery over the language. It was useful that I spoke some Russian, but probably wouldn’t have been a prerequisite, especially seeing that the mother spoke such wonderful English. This was probably why her daughter was so able to pick it up and with such panache!


I absolutely loved Kiev and staying with the family, who were incredibly accommodating and kind. I am seriously considering doing another one of these placements this summer coming!

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