I was contracted to help a 6-year-old boy in Madrid, mainly with History, Maths and English. I was taken in by a lovely family and spent on average about four hours a day with the child (though I got weekends off!) and this gave us ample time to really address those points that he found slightly harder.


His teachers commented on how his performance in school was improving: so much so, that the parents asked me to stay on in Madrid for another year! I was really chuffed to have made such a difference and I grew very fond of the kid, who was becoming more and more interested in schoolwork and history in particular (which is my speciality).


It was so great to have the opportunity to make a real impact on a young person’s education and to see the improvement before your very eyes. I have stayed in touch with the family since in both a professional and friendly capacity: I would love to do another one of these deeply rewarding positions as soon as possible!


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