I loved my experience in the wonderful city of Dubai. I recently spent a whole year with a family based out there, tutoring a 16-year old boy and a 9-year old girl.


The age gap meant that my work was varied and always different: in the mornings, we would focus on the International Baccalaureate for the elder brother and then move onto a more broad-based learning approach with the younger sister, covering anything from Maths to Modern Languages.


Tavistock helped find the perfect match here due to my sheer breadth of teaching and I feel as if I was really able to deliver on everything that the family needed. The hours were long and preparation was thorough, but you do get your own down-time to explore a completely different part of the world, which was a seriously enriching experience.


Also, being part of a different family was fascinating; the learning process goes on and on way beyond the lesson (for both me and the kids!) and it was a perfect opportunity to go above and beyond the curriculum and really take their learning to new levels.


I’m pleased to say that the elder son received top marks in his IB and the family were really happy with the overall experience. I was just sad to leave….

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