Before I became a tutor, I had never done so much travelling! This particular job was fascinating as it took me from the Mediterranean all the way to a penthouse in Dubai!


I was accompanying a lovely family who travelled around according to the father’s business: I was in charge of the care for and education of one boy, aged 12, another, aged 9 and a little girl, aged 8.


My main tasks involved getting the two elder boys into an American school by helping to improve their levels of written English, along with their reading abilities. I would end up teaching on average about six hours a day, sometimes taking classes with all three children and sometimes focusing in, one on one.


The fantastic thing about these types of placements is the sheer flexibility of the thing: my hours were fitted around the family and children’s needs and there was always enough time to cover what we needed and more.


It was great to be able to go beyond the curriculum and take the children’s learning in some really interesting directions. I would say that Dubai was my favourite destination of the whole trip, though spending time on a yacht comes in at a close second!

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