When Tavistock Tutors asked to me to tutor in Singapore, I couldn’t have been more excited! I had never been to this part of the world before, let alone worked there, so this was a huge professional opportunity for me.


I was helping an English ex-pat family with their teenage boy who was attending an international school in the city. My main tasks were improving his performance in maths and science, where he was falling a little behind. The first day that I arrived, I was able to sit down with the parents and the boy over a delicious meal and talk through in detail what he found difficult, how he liked to work and the best strategy going forward for the next two months of his holidays.


Simply because I was there all the time and focused solely on him, we managed to go right back to basics and build up the solid foundation that he was previously lacking. I really think that this residential position, for this boy at least, was the best antidote for his problems. When it comes to maths and science, it’s so important that the right building blocks are in place; otherwise it’s almost impossible to get past the basics.


I would say that we worked for about six hours a day (which meant that for the rest, I was free to explore and relax as I pleased!) and we made huge progress. I have since learned that the boy has been moved to the top set in maths; he’s even thinking of continuing with the subject as he moves into his sixth form in the UK! I couldn’t be happier.


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