My client in Sydney wanted me to prep his two teenage boys for a move back to London and the English schooling system: this was my first time in Australia and it was utterly fantastic.


I was staying with the family in a central penthouse apartment that overlooked the harbour; the city was beautiful, the nightlife amazing and I loved every minute of it. It was a real pleasure teaching the two boys, who were both very intelligent: we ended up doing about three hours a day (I got Sunday to myself), focusing on most of the basic subjects for Common Entrance: Maths, English and a bit of French and History.


The greatest thing about the experience was just how relaxed it all was: no longer do you have to worry about cramming everything into a one-hour session and then bolting through the door, rushing over the topics so fast that no-one really has time to understand, but rather you are afforded the time to explore, go in depth, pause and reflect, which is surely the very stuff of learning.


Since this three month stint last year, I have done a wide variety of different residential positions: each one has been a fascinating experience and I’m looking forward to the next!

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