This was the first time that I had ever been to Tokyo and I’m not sure if I would have ever had the chance had it not been for Tavistock Tutors! The city is incredible and the family with whom I was staying was even better.


Fortunately, they had a flat above their own, which became my home away from home during my time in the city, which was ideal as it gave us both our own space. My main task out there was helping a nine-year-old girl improve her English in order to get into a school in London as the family were soon moving due to the father’s work.


It was quite a challenge because, as I later learnt, the quality of teaching of English in Japanese schools is not the best at all: we had a long way to go at the beginning! Yet what was so great was the time afforded to us: I was there during her holidays, for two months, so we had the opportunity to work throughout the day and completely immerse the young girl in English, which is the only sure-fire way to guarantee language retention at this level. We also focused on exam and interview technique, which is crucial for gaining entry to these top London schools.


About three months after I made the sad journey home to Heathrow, I got a call from Tavistock Tutors who told me that the trip had been a success and that my pupil got offers from not one, but all three of the schools to which she applied! I was elated: the whole experience was deeply rewarding and I can’t wait to do it again!

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