Subjects I teach

Verbal & Non Reasoning 11+ / 13+
English as a foreign language inc. IELTS
English and History GCSE / A-Level
Sociology / Politics University level

My Experience

I have four years’ experience tutoring a number of different subjects in London, ranging from creative writing to university interview practice. My speciality is 11+ and 13+, where I can teach all subjects.

My Qualifications

I have a double first class degree from Cambridge in politics and sociology as well as the CELTA certificate in teaching English as a foreign language.

My Approach to Private Tuition

My approach is based on thorough preparation: I carefully plan each lesson to ensure the student is making clear, quantifiable progress every time we meet. Students can expect to work hard in my lessons and cover a lot of ground but only as quickly as they are able. I also ask a lot of questions – students will answer around twenty to thirty in an hour. This shows me that the student is making progress and helps the student consolidate anything new they have learned.

Though my lessons are rigorous, I think it is very important to have fun

as well, especially during the holidays. I strive to make every subject as interesting as possible through imaginative, engaging activities such as having debates in history, planning advert campaigns in English or doing experiments in science. I believe these activities stay in students’ minds, and help them develop a deeper appreciation for the subject.

On residential placements, I am very easy to live with and more than happy to help out or get involved with whatever’s going on (I once played piano at a student’s 11th party party!). I’m also more than happy to organise fun activities for students to do outside of work hours. In the past, I’ve run a three hour drama lesson, hosted a table tennis tournament and even set-up an educational easter egg hunt!

My video Introduction

Fun fact

I have written comedy for both radio and TV!