Tavistock Tutors provide expert home school tutors in London. We understand the many instances when home schooling is a necessity and we cater to all of our clients requirements. We have a large family of tutors that are able to teach all of the academic subjects to all age levels. There are various instances when a client of ours requests a tutor for home schooling. These may include if a family is moving abroad and would like their child or children to be educated within the British schooling system. If you have recently moved to the UK and are waiting for a new academic year to start, you may require home schooling until your children commence the new school year. If students are moving between schools and need tuition during the transition period, home schooling would be an excellent option. If a student has left school and needs home tuition for any other reasons, one of our tutors will be there to help. Tavistock Tutors home tuition can run for any amount of time; long term or short term, you decide. Some parents opt for one to two hours a day and others feel a half or full day is more substantial.

We understand the responsibilities a parent takes on when they choose to home school their children. Tavistock Tutors understands that each of our clients have different needs and this is why we offer a fully customised home tutoring service. We are by our clients side every step of the way to make sure we understand every single one of their needs. Your home school tutor will provide assistance choosing the subjects that suit the student and will then advise on the registration process of the specific exam boards. All tutors provide a well structured timetable with a wealth of resources from the chosen exam boards.

Home schooling can be arranged on a residential basis, where the tutor resides with your child wherever they are in the world or on a daily basis in London. All tutors have been hand picked by Tavistock Tutors to make sure they meet the exceptional standards our clients look for.

We regularly provide home school tutors for our celebrity clientele. Celebrity children may sometimes find it hard at school due to the attention they receive, which is why home schooling is the perfect substitute. Some celebrities or business men and woman travel with their children regularly, in these instances home schooling would be a very beneficial way for students to stay on top of the curriculum. Tavistock Tutors provide tuition for child actors who regularly film in Los Angeles and have to spend a lot of time on set.


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