What does a US university application involve?

Applying to universities in the United States can be quite a challenge for UK-based students.
If you decide to pursue undergraduate studies in the US, you will generally need to provide several sample essays, an academic transcript and two or three reference letters to each university you apply to. You will sit an admissions test (usually the SAT or the ACT), and may also need to do an interview.

Unlike in the UK, the application process differs greatly from one university to the next – even the application forms you fill in to begin each process will be individualised to each institution you apply to. This can present some real problems for students who do not have a strong pre-existing understanding of the exact profile, philosophy and atmosphere of each of their US option universities.

The marked differences between the US admissions procedure and the equivalent process in the UK can be profoundly disorientating to UK-based students who do not undergo careful and informed preparation ahead of submitting applications. For this reason, many students find it helpful to get some expert help in navigating the huge variety of different courses and universities which are available across the US. Tavistock provides finely tuned individual coaching and consultation to our clients to ensure that they get this complex process right on the first attempt.