Chapter 3: Where can I get my school uniform?

Once you have decided on a school, there are many ways you can go about purchasing uniform. Sometimes you are able to buy uniform directly from the school website, but most schools will inform you of the suppliers who stock their clothes.

Currently these are the most popular school uniform suppliers in the UK:

Uniform 4 Kids
School Uniform Direct
Marks and Spencer
John Lewis


How much will this cost me?

Buying school uniform new never comes cheap, however all suppliers make clothes to a high standard that should last at least a few years. Many schools may require a blazer or shirt with a logo, but will allow generic shirts and bottoms so that parents can save some money.

Remember- even if uniform seems expensive to buy, students wear it for a minimum of six or seven years if they don’t change schools. This usually ends up being far less expensive than buying your children new clothes, which they will only wear on the weekends.

Second-hand uniform sales

The vast majority of schools nowadays understand that parents are reluctant to keep buying new items of school uniform.

For this reason, many schools now encourage old students to donate uniform and host regular second-hand uniform sales where parents can buy all the basics at a reduced price. This is a great way of saving some money on wear and tear!


If a child is awarded a bursary or a scholarship, uniform is often included in this equation. This means they can get discounted school uniform or not be required to pay for it at all. This varies from school to school, so it’s worth looking into if you find yourself in this position.

To find out more about applying for funding at school, please visit any of the following pages:

School Fees
Admissions & Fees

Lots of options

All schools offer more than one option for school uniform

This means that girls are not restricted to skirts, and both boys and girls have the option of long and short sleeves, jumpers or sweaters depending on the season. Most schools are also not strict with footwear as long as shoes are black and sensible, and P.E. kit is always simple so that it can be easily washed and replaced.