Chapter 2: School Uniforms Summarised

Still not sure about school uniform guidelines and dress-codes?Since every school is so different, we’ve put together this easy-to-follow chart which should provide you with all the basics:


Naturally, there are always exceptions to this rule. Please check out our Finding a School page for more information about this aspect of school life.

Boarding schools vs. Day Schools

While state and independent schools tend to be divided between own clothes and school uniform respectively, boarding schools are very specific when it comes to what their students wear.

As most boarding schools are fee-paying independent schools, they usually require their students to wear uniform. Since students are in permanent residence at school, this is necessary from a practical point of view: laundry can be done efficiently and parents don’t have to worry about sending their children off with specific clothes, since they can just follow a school uniform kit list.

When students are not in lessons, they are allowed to wear their own clothes. This means their school experience is no different from children who attend day schools, nor is it necessary to buy endless items of uniform.

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