Chapter 4: Higher Education: Everything you need for uni


By the time they get to university, students should know what they need, depending on their degree.

The specifics are always changing, so here is a list of general university supplies that undergraduates and graduates can benefit from:

University Supplies: For Undegrads and Above
• Laptop – pretty much all work at universities is done online now, so most students find it easier to carry around a laptop, which they can use to take notes in lectures or access books online.
• Memory stick – to back up and transport work.
• Planner or diary – although many people use their smartphones for keeping up to date with their timetable and work, a planner is a useful way of keeping organised.
• A4 lined/squared/blank paper pad
• Post-it notes and sticky note tabs – for marking pages in books.
• Revision cards – for studying and memorising.