Chapter 3: Secondary Education: School supplies for high school

When a child reaches Year 7 the stationary shopping list gets longer, as more specific equipment must be added to their pencil case in preparation for difficult topics such as Geometry.

Notebooks and school folders are usually provided, but your child is free to buy their own binders if they prefer, along with file dividers.



We’ve put together a list of the most important school supplies that teachers recommend

Secondary School Basics: Years 7-13
• Backpack
• Lunchbox – this may not be necessary later on as students will usually be allowed to leave the school premises at lunchtime and eat out.
• Water bottle
• PE Bag
• Pencil case including the following:
• Geometry set (protractor, set square & compass)
• Fountain pen, complete with extra cartridges
• Ink eradicator
• Long ruler (30cm)
• Scientific calculator – schools will specify the model they require.
• Scissors
• Glue stick
• Drawing & coloured pencils for Art and DT
Secondary School Extras: Years 7-13
• A4 lined paper pad
• A4 wallet – for keeping worksheets.
• Sticky-back plastic – most secondary school students will be asked to cover their exercise books.
• Art apron – check if the school provides these.
• Earphones – for listening exercises in language classes and ICT.
• Memory stick – this is useful for ICT classes, but may not be necessary if the school has an online portal. 



In Sixth Form, students may also be allowed to use laptops in lessons. Make sure you trust your child to do this, as lost computers can be very expensive!