Chapter 2: Primary School, Pre-Prep and Prep School: A list of all the basics

This is Key Stage 2 of the national curriculum, which includes Years 3 to 6.

Like in Early Years education, children are provided with a lot of school materials in the classroom.

As they mature, they may be allowed more supplies. Many schools permit their pupils to have a pen in the classroom once they have obtained their “Pen License”.

Years 3, 4, 5
• Backpack
• Lunchbox
• Water bottle
• PE Bag
• Pencil case – if the school allows it, buy a pencil case for your child. Allow them to pick it out so that they recognise it and make sure it is clearly labelled. Keep it as simple as possible with:
• 3 HB pencils
• Rubber
• Simple sharpener
• Ruler
• Handwriting pen (if permitted)
Year 6
• Backpack
• Lunchbox
• Water bottle
• PE Bag
• Pencil case – schools usually allow Year 6 students to bring in a pencil case of their choice. It should contain everything as before, but most children will be allowed a few extras:
• Colouring pencils
• Felt tips
• Glue stick
• Blunt-edge scissors
• A highlighter


Remember- school stationary is easily lost at school, so don’t buy your children anything expensive that they might get upset over.

There is also no need to buy any fancy stationary. Children are more likely to get distracted by fluffy pencils or light-up sharpeners, so make sure to buy them items that they won’t play with in class.