Chapter 1: Early Years: What does my child need for school?

Most schools in the UK will provide their young learners with the school supplies they need to kick off their academic careers.

This will usually consist of shared pots of stationary, so parents don’t have to worry about equipping their children with pencil cases.

Here are a few things which you might consider buying if your child is just starting school:

Nursery and Preschool
• Book Bag – these small plastic bags are a great option for young learners. They are easier to carry than backpacks, as well as being the perfect size for holding reading books and worksheets.
• Lunchbox – if your child is not having school lunches, make sure to send them to school with a clearly labelled lunchbox. Perhaps ask them to pick it out themselves, so they know which is theirs.
• Book Bag
• Lunch box
• Water bottle – at this age, children are allowed to have a water bottle in class with them which they retrieve at break time.
• PE bag – this should be clearly labelled, and include all the PE kit your child may need, also labelled inside. Make sure to check what days of the week your child has PE lessons!
Key Stage 1: Year 1 & 2
• Book bag, maybe a backpack if you think your child is ready to carry one to school.
• Lunch box
• Water bottle
• PE bag
• A pencil case to keep at home – your child will most likely receive stationary at school, but you will need pencils and paper for homework! Make sure you don’t forget colouring pencils.

As you can see, your child will gradually require more supplies as they advance through primary or prep school.