Chapter 1: Activities outside the classroom: why are they necessary?

Balance between study and leisure is a core value that must be instilled in children from a very young age.

Studies have shown that children who can switch off are able to perform better in the classroom, as well as develop an all-rounded personality that will be beneficial in later life.

While it’s great to have an overachieving child who always succeeds in school tasks, it is even better to teach your child the importance of having time out to discover their hobbies and enjoy themselves.Whether they are 3 years old or 18, all young people will experience the stress of exam pressure and competition at some point in their school careers, so it’s really important they learn different ways to combat their anxieties.

Currently, the most common extracurricular activities for school students are:

• Music
• Sports
• Art
• Drama

However, no child should ever feel limited, so it’s important to less common options such as:

• Scouts & Girl-Guides
• Volunteering
• Leadership activities, such as Debating or UK Youth Parliament