Chapter 4: 11+ and Common Entrance prep

By the time children get to the 11+ and 13+ stage, they will be old enough to understand the value of doing well in exams and working on revision technique.Whilst parents need to give their kids time to relax, it’s important that they instill self-motivation in them by following these steps:

1) A little bit every day goes a long way

Instead of fighting with your child and forcing them to sit down for hours at a time, encourage them to do half an hour of practice a day.

Set aside some past paper questions, and alternate the days between English, Maths and Verbal or Non-Verbal reasoning for the most effective revision. This will help them remember things long-term, and revision won’t seem so daunting.


2) Relaxation is important

As these tests are so competitive, it’s important to constantly remind your kids that they need to relax and not feel intimidated when they get to the examination hall.

Doing mock exams in timed conditions can help deal with panic and nerves. Try to test your child under a bit of time pressure, so that they know how to deal with it on the day.


3) It’s okay to fail sometimes

You never know how the real exam is going to go, and pre-teens don’t have the same blissful ignorance as 5 or 6 year olds. They are able to understand what is at stake, which can make them feel anxious.

Remind them that exams are not most important thing in life. A child that feels at ease will perform much better when it comes down to it!

All these things are much easier said than done, so think about using our Private Tutoring service to get your child some extra help.

These exams are very particular, so having a professional equipped with all the tools and experience to help your child is always useful. Besides, children often feel more comfortable learning from someone other than their parents.