Chapter 3: Early years test prep

When kids are so young, most parents don’t know how to prepare them for exams, since they are worried to push them too hard too soon.

In reality, there are many things you can do to get young children aged 3-6 ready for tests and exams, which do not have to be purely education-focused.

1) Communicate

When you have a young child, the best way to keep them on the ball is through talking. You should always be asking them questions, or getting them to account their day and tell you about what they are learning.

It’s all about engaging, so that they get a better understanding of the kind of big questions they may be asked in their 7+ exam or interview.


2) Play

Play can also be educational, so be mindful of what you allow your child to play with. Puzzles and games that involve problem solving are really good for getting them to think outside the box.

When a child is able to solve a problem on their own, they grow in confidence, a crucial attribute when it comes to exam performance.

Make sure to allow your child to entertain themselves. Give them some paper and pens, or just let them play outside. Most children will enjoy drawing pictures and inventing games, which encourages them to use their imagination.


3) Practice

When your child begins reading and counting, make sure you keep going over things they learn at school. Make an effort to go over their spellings with them, and encourage them with their times tables.

This will save you a lot of effort later on in life, and will provide your child with the motivation they need to keep improving.
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