Chapter 2 – 3 Reasons Pre-U may be right for you

1. Preparation for university

The Pre-U comes with an ethos that emphasises teaching and learning, rather than just preparing for exams. In fact, it aims to prepare students for higher education, promoting independent and self-directed learning which bridges the gap between secondary school and university.

It is a real bonus that Cambridge Pre-U allows more time to understand the course material and go deeper into interesting topics. The exams require true understanding rather than just remembering several equations for a couple of months. This understanding definitely helped with my interview for Oxford and confirmed my choice to do physics at university.

former Pre-U student now studying at University of Oxford

2. Want an edge over other students

Pre-U courses are harder than A-Levels, and universities know this. Each subject for Pre-U requires 400 teaching hours, in contrast to 360 hours for A-Levels. In particular, the skills with which students are equipped as a result of GPR course are very attractive to universities.

3. Dont want the breadth of the IB

The above points also apply to the IB diploma. But unlike the IB diploma, the Pre-U allows for greater specialization. So, if you already know what you want to study, it may be for you!