The Cambridge Pre-U is a new A-Level alternative designed specifically for students who want to go on to university study. Despite its first student cohort graduating as recently as 2010, it has already received gotten a lot of attention and praise from universities. But is it a good option for you?

A potentially deeper qualification than A-Levels, but less prescriptive than the IB, the Pre-U Diploma can be obtained even if certain subjects are substituted for A-Levels. Otherwise, individual Pre-U subjects can be studied alongside A-Levels.

To compare other post-16 options see our curriculum guides to A-Level and IB.

The Pre-U is still a new qualification, so very few schools currently offer it unless it is studied alongside A-Levels. Those that have taken it on are some of the most competitive institutions in the country, most of them independent or selective state schools. If you’re interested in these schools you should see our guide to School Admissions to help, and get in touch with our Consultation Service.


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