Chapter 4 – After GCSEs

What do I do if Im unhappy with my grades?

Try not to panic, and consider your options clearly. Are you worried you wont get into your sixth form of choice? It may be that they will be flexible get in touch to find out. If youre worried about university prospects, the main option for you will be focusing on doing well in sixth form to keep as many doors open as possible. The other option is a remark or resit, in which case see below (though note that some universities only accept grades achieved in the first sitting).

Can I challenge my results or resit?

Exam boards offer single resits the following year. Youll need to apply through your school for this, so speak to them as soon as possible. If you feel that you were undeserving of the grade you achieved, the other option is a remark. However, as grades rarely change dramatically, this is usually only worth doing if you are close to a grade boundary. Again, you should speak to your school to pursue this.

What are my options now?

You are required to stay in education until 18, so you need to start thinking about your options. Most people take A-Levels these require you to specialise, and while they are academic and can set you up for university, they are also well respected by employers.

If you want an academic route, there are two main alternatives to A-Levels: IB and Pre-U. The IB is a broader qualification, which allows you to study more subjects, as well as undertake an additional project. The Pre-U is similar to A-Levels, but comes with an additional project or course and a general view that it should serve as better preparation for university. Take a look at our guides for both of these qualifications to make a more informed decision. This is something our Education Consultants are particularly good at helping you decide.