Chapter 3 – Results and Appeals

Results typically come out before the end of October, before you must submit your Common Application Form if you are applying to state schools.

If your child hasn’t passed, it is still possible to apply for selective schools. In this case you will need to appeal in March and demonstrate that your child’s performance in the 11+ was not indicative of their academic ability.

If your child has passed, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee them a place. If the school is oversubscribed, other criteria will be used to make a decision, such as the distance to the school.

On National Offers day in March, you will be told by letter whether your child has been successful in obtaining a place at your first-choice school.

If your child hasn’t been successful, it is possible to appeal. However, this is a lengthy and time consuming process. You are essentially trying to demonstrate that not having a place will be more damaging to your child than taking on an additional student will be to the school. You need to think about whether it is worth making an appeal, after taking into account the other criteria that the school uses to determine places.