Chapter 4: US University Scholarships

Scholarships can be particularly useful when applying to universities in the US, as they strengthen your application as an overseas student and give you the chance to access discounted fees.These advantages go a long way, as the American university system is one of the most expensive and competitive out there, so receiving a scholarship can give you that extra edge.If you would like more general information about applying to Ivy League and American campuses, please visit our US Uni page here.

Unlike UK universities, US colleges award all-rounders and give scholarships to people who are sporty or musical, even if their grades are not as high as expected. Due to the flexible criteria, the process is competitive, so it is worth looking beyond Ivy League schools.


The Fulbright Scholarship

This is currently one of the most popular scholarships that UK students apply for in the US. Many recipients will get around 50% off their fees, living costs and accommodation.

With a scholarship, a US degree could come to about £8000 per year, cheaper than in the UK.


Elite athletes

Most US colleges have many athletes in residence. If you do sports at a professional level, your chances of getting a sports scholarship are extremely high, so it’s definitely worth looking into.

Remember, if you do get a place, you will be expected to train non-stop and play for the university professionally.