Chapter 3: What can a scholarship do for me?

Being a scholar is a great string to add to anyone’s bow, as it confirms an individual’s talents on paper and makes them an excellent applicant for any university or career that they choose.

Even if the scholarship is not directly related to anything you study, being skilled in something other than schoolwork presents you as a well-rounded individual.

As a scholar, it is well-known that you have been selected from a huge group of people, which immediately allows you to stand out from the crowd as a gifted student.

University applications for scholars

Most scholars are urged by their schools to apply to universities in the subject they have their scholarship in, as this will strengthen their application and give them potential perks when they arrive at university.

Scholarships are also given to undergraduates and graduates, especially in subjects like music, where they will often be asked to perform in front of special guests or be invited to join prestigious choirs.

Starting your child off on this path from an early age can secure a bright future for them, so it’s important not to overlook the value of a student scholarship and prepare your child as best you can.