Chapter 3: How can my child settle in?

Aside from school, there are many ways that relocating can be made easier for children and parents. While it is always a bit intimidating to try new things or strike up friendships, your child does not have to be limited to school.

• Look into after-school clubs and extra-curricular activities

If your child is sporty, or has a hobby that they would like to continue, make sure to get them involved in an out-of-school activity as soon as possible.

Not only will this let them get away from the stress of school and do something they enjoy, these clubs are great places to meet new people.

Children can benefit from in school and out of school friends. This allows them to build networks of relationships and stops them from feeling restricted. It also allows them to meet students of various backgrounds.


• Use your connections

If you’ve just moved somewhere it can be hard to branch out, but make sure you take advantage of all the people who can help you make the transition easier.

If you have neighbours close by, organise playdates with your children or encourage them to walk to school together. Just seeing a friendly face can make school life easier!

When your child makes a friend, urge them to foster the relationship. Make sure they are socialising out of school and having fun with their new friends by inviting them over or taking them on outings.


• Be supportive

If your child is finding the transition difficult, remember to be there for them and try to make it as easy as you can. If they are struggling academically, get in touch with one of our Tavistock Tutors. Some professional help can really help them catch up!