Chapter 4: How can I get financial aid?

Scholarships & Bursaries FAQs

What is the difference between a scholarship and a bursary?

A scholarship is a financial award that is competitive and must be applied for. Even children who can afford school fees are able to get scholarships, as a reward for their academic abilities.

A bursary is based entirely on financial need and is given to children who are bright but cannot afford to attend the school otherwise. A child must still be high-achieving to get a bursary- i.e. many schools will offer candidates a place without a bursary if they don’t meet their standards.

How can I apply for a scholarship?

If your child is particularly talented in a subject, you should consider applying for a scholarship. Their school will give you the information needed to do this.

Once your child has already been at school for a few years, teachers will also encourage them to try for a scholarship if they think they will be successful. It’s possible to be paying school fees throughout secondary school, and suddenly get a scholarship for Sixth Form.

How can I apply for a bursary?

The process is very similar to that of applying for a scholarship, but schools will request your financial details and history to assess whether you can be considered for a bursary. Bursaries can also range from 10-100%. It’s possible to get a bursary to cover all costs, or just for discounted fees, depending on what the school offer you.

How competitive is the application process?

Naturally, many people will be applying for financial help, but that does not mean there is a finite amount of scholarships and bursaries to be given out. Independent schools will offer huge amounts of financial help for every school year. In some schools, as much as 30% of each year will be receiving aid!