Chapter 2: What do school fees include?

The table above clearly outlines the average termly fee for UK independent schools, but many parents forget to budget for extra costs when it comes to their child starting school.While most boarding schools will include 3 meals per day, as well as accommodation and living expenses, there are many more costs to be considered when it comes to private education in general:• Uniform – this has to be bought and often tailored if the fit is not correct. Our School Uniforms page suggests a few ways to save money!

• Transport – how is your child planning on getting to school? At a young age, children cannot travel to school on their own, so the school bus is a popular option. When they are a bit older, they may have to commute. Public transport costs add up

• Childcare – what happens when you can’t collect your child from school? There are a range of after-school clubs that your child can attend, or you must arrange a nanny or babysitter.

• Lunches – if they are not included in termly fees.

• School Trips – many private school offer really great trips for your child to go on, in Europe and across the world. These are often very expensive, but are guaranteed to be a great experience!