Chapter 2 : Preparing for Pre-Prep entry

We’ve written a more detailed guide on how to prepare your child for Pre-prep and 7+ entry, which you can find in the Curriculum Guides section under “Pre-Prep”.

On this page, we will provide a summary of how parents should tackle these exams.

The Pre-prep exam is made up of informal examination, observation and conversation. Intense academic tutoring for these tests is unnecessary, as your child is only three years old.

However, it always helps to prepare them in different ways, which is explained below:



As your child is growing up, make sure you give them time to speak, play and relax. This will allow them to develop a variety of skills in different areas, which always shows in an exam.

If you think they are not ready for the Pre-prep exam, that’s also fine. You can always try for a school at a later stage.