Chapter 7 : Accepting offers from schools

Finally, and very importantly, comes the moment to accept or reject offers from schools.

If your child is accepted by a school, you’ll receive a written offer, which will have a very short fixed period to accept the offer or lose it.

When juggling a number of options, it can be very hard to know what to do in this situation. For example, one might be waiting to hear about an offer from a top state secondary.

Significantly, signing on the dotted lines of an offer can make you liable to paying a term’s school fees, so it is vital to read the terms of conditions regarding withdrawal. This is a legally-binding contract!

Indeed, in their offer letters, most schools demand a deposit and/or the first term of fees. If one can afford to lose thousands of pounds in deposits, then the choice is made easier, but most parents will be careful not to incur such costs.

Unfortunately there is no ‘right’ answer, and the best decision completely depends on the situation.