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Chapter 6 : Applying from abroad: Challenges for International Students


When applying from abroad, there are other important factors to bear in mind about the application process:

1) VISA:

Children outside the EU may need a VISA to study in the UK, and must apply to schools with a Tier 4 Highly Trusted Status awarded by the UK Borders Agency.

Only schools with this status can issue the CAS letter necessary for a VISA. Unfortunately, many day prep schools dont have such a status.

2) Registration:

Some families relocating from abroad may have missed registration deadlines at their desired schools. Whether this situation can be rectified would be down to the individual school.


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3) Tests and interviews:

The logistics of doing tests and attending interviews also need to be considered. For example, many prep schools in the UK are well-equipped for the various pre-tests and tests for independent secondaries, along with the Common Entrance, which are all usually necessary for admission.

4) English language:

When applying to selective schools, a high standard of English is required in order to be successful in the admissions process. Schools need to be sure that a foreign student would be able to assimi-late effectively into their classes.

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