Chapter 4 : Sixth Form Colleges

Colleges tend to be a bit more flexible on admissions than schools, so you don’t need to worry about any tough entrance exams or sky-high academic requirements.

They have fairly similar application processes, which will be made clear when you visit, as well as on their website and in their prospectus.

After you have submitted your application, the college will invite you for an interview in person or on Skype.


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In the interview letter, they will ask you to bring a few documents, usually including recent school reports, a reference from your school, and examples of your written work.

Sixth form interview Tips:
  • Refresh your memory of why you’ve chosen the college
  • Make sure you turn up on time
  • Dress smartly, avoiding jeans or trainers
  • Be confident and attentive, making eye contact with the interviewer(s)
  • Answer honestly, and be yourself

The interview is a chance for them to understand you better, and get a fuller idea of what the sixth form college can do for you:
they are not trying to catch you out!