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British Schools

British Schools Consultancy

Tavistock Tutors offers expert advice on applications to British schools all over the UK.
We help students secure places at Britains most prestigious schools.
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Our Consultants

Our British School Consultants are here to help you get into your school of choice, from start to finish. Not only have they worked with a wide range of families from various backgrounds, their vast network of schools and academic expertise means they’re always up to date with school standards and entry requirements.

Our Service

Our service varies according to the individual, as every client’s need are specific to them. Our consultants are highly flexible, and have extensive experience with both UK and international families. Whether you have little experience with the school system or have multiple children in independent schools, we offer one of a kind advice to every parent.

How We Work

The moment our consultants book in with a family, they are instantly committed, meaning they go above and beyond to make sure every child gets the very best from the school application process. This means they will assess your child themselves before putting them forward for any school, to ensure that their application is always worthwhile. They will also prepare your child for any further examination or interviews, meaning clients will learn exactly how to devote themselves to their child’s academic prospects.

Why Parents Choose Us

We like to think that we’re more than just an education consulting service. The trusting relationships that we build with our clients last a lifetime, and parents will often return to us with their second and third child to ensure they opt for the right schools. We believe that we can save clients their money and disappointment when they put their trust into one of our professional consultants.

Find a School

Our Tavistock Tutors Awards will help you find the most suitable school for your child. From the best boarding schools for pastoral care to the sportiest preps around London, we are dedicated to finding the perfect fit for every student.

Applications & Fees

This is where we cover all the admin. We know that working hard is a huge part of the process, but we don’t want our clients to be overwhelmed by the technicalities. Here we take you through the application process for every stage of education, as well as cover how you can go about paying for it.

Curriculum Guides

Understanding the school system can be difficult for parents, so weve created these curriculum guides to simplify the process. They cover every stage of education and include detailed answers to all your questions.

School Life

Here we go through every aspect of school life that we think students should know about. From back to school supplies to school uniforms, we make sure that both children and parents feel prepared on the first day.

Apply to Junior and Senior schools in the UK

The British education system is complicated; you have choices, but which school and at which age is right for your child? There are the 4 plus, 7 plus, 8 plus, 11 plus and 13 plus exams. The next set of exams are the GCSEs and then the A-Levels or the IB. Looking into the future whilst your child is still in nappies is difficult. Tavistock Tutors can help you put together a thorough education plan for your child and find the most suitable schools.


British School Application Assistance

Speaking to one of our highly acclaimed British school consultants will help you gain a clear picture of the choices you have and what is right for you and your family. We can help answer some important questions:

  • How the British school system works?
  • Age and stage, which nurseries/schools and when?
  • Assessment entry points?
  • Nursery entry, reception entry, 7+, 8+, 11+ and 13+?
  • How and when do I apply for schools?
  • What does an assessment at the age of 3 or 4 years old involve?
  • Which school is best for my child based on their interests and academic level?

School Placements For Relocations

Whether you are relocating internationally or sending your child abroad to a British boarding school, Tavistock Tutors offers tailor-made advice on the British education system and can help you find a suitable British day or boarding school for your child.

We have helped families from all over the world chose day and boarding schools for their children. Each school search is bespoke and completely confidential. Our comprehensive school search and placement service provides parents and children with a range of education options to fit their needs.


Tavistock Tutors are dynamic, engaging and very professional; they relate to students very well and are able to get the best out of them.

James Eytle

Principal of Albemarle Independent College admin@albemarle.org.uk www.albemarle.org.uk