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This article was written by Tavistock Tutors

Luke & Marcus - Tavistock Tutors Directors

The new generation of tutoring agencies:

There are dozens of tutoring agencies in London competing for the same work.

What most tutoring agencies do:
Registration Fee: A charge of around £60 upwards, before they even send you a few CV’s (as simple as a few emails).
Placement Fee: A fixed fee for finding the right tutor in addition to an hourly rate.
Huge Commissions: Charge commission rates up to 50% of the job.

What Tavistock Tutors does:
No Registration Fee
No Placement Fee
Low Commissions

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You can see from above that many of the London agencies exploit their students and their tutors by taking unnecessary fees at extortionate rates.

Most of the top London tutoring agencies have access to the same tutors which makes the whole process even more ridiculous.
Very often you can get the same tutor from up to 3 agencies (Tavistock Tutors would be the most competitive).
We have found instances where one of our tutors costs 60% more for the same level and subject through another agency, except the tutor wasn’t making more money the agency was!

Tavistock Tutors assures quick service, with access to the best tutors at the most competitive prices.

We find added fees, charges and add on’s unacceptable and are striving to become a world leader in education.

We ask you to stop being taken advantage of and move with the times.

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